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  1. Good afternoon, This is my first time ever posting in a photography related forum. I apologize if I mess up the formatting in any way. I've recently purchased a used Fuji GFX 50s, which which I'm generally extremely happy. However, now that I've started using it for night photography (which is a huge part of my work), I'm noticing some unfortunate issues while processing my RAW files using Adobe Lightroom or ACR. Whenever I shoot any image at or above about 3200 ISO, and expose the image for a few seconds, a strange moire-like pattern appears in ACR. This becomes apparent whenever I raise the exposure even slightly. In addition, the images fall apart at the seams when even the slightest levels adjustments are applied. Curves adjustments are an indispensable part of processing images of the night sky. Interestingly, images that receive shorter exposure times are fine even at higher ISOs - for the most part. Even so, I've seen very bad deterioration of these files on occasion. Fujifilm has been very helpful and have suggested that I give Capture One a try. I admit that the problem isn't as bad in Capture One. However, I don't want to re-invent my entire workflow - especially since I'll be stacking these images in Adobe after preliminary adjustments are made anyway. I never had issues like this even with my Canon 5d Mark II. Since the Fuji is superior I'm forced to conclude that I either have a bad camera, or that Adobe isn't able to process these files for some reason. Has anyone else seen this issue w/ the GFX? Is this related to Adobe's handling of the RAW files? There has to be some workaround... please let me know. Worst case I end up returning the camera under warranty.
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