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  1. If you have a look at page 116/117 of the pdf manual you will probably as i have see that it is deliberate and not a flaw
  2. apparently capture does not seem to support fuji 4 HDR
  3. Problem solved user error(HDR drive mode)
  4. any users with a fuji t4 having this problem with capture one the preview thumbnail images are distorted have tried a windows & apple imac,still the same have no problem with my t3 with captureone, the t4 images load perfectly on luminar flex so assume that its not a sd card or camera problem
  5. I to am having the same problem as your-self its a feature that really miss This article from DPReview :A few days in and I am puzzled about one feature that seems lacking.I think either the X-T2 or X-T3 had a firmware update so the the Q menu would show the names of the Film Simulations you'd set up. It was a great feature, made them easier to remember.But I can't remember if anything special was needed to turn this on.But if there isn't then the X-T4 has regressed to showing the SELECT CUSTOM SETTING message, which is unhelpful.If anyone remembers or knows the secret incantation, please let me know:
  6. Advice needed regarding xt3 never having tried move setting am going to give it a try my problem is cannot now turn v-log off probably one of the settings that ive changed
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