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  1. It's been almost a year since I went out to take some pictures. It was something that I was enjoying a lot - I would go out for hours and just take photos, after that I would spend even more time editing. But then something clicked and just didn't see anything through my lens. Everything became SO BORING. I tried a lot of things, but every time I would end up taking some cheesy photos that I didn't like and never even transferred them to my computer. Some time ago I found a huge collection of old photos of Toronto and came up with an idea (I know that people have done that in the past) of creating a collection of before/afters - and so Old New TO was born. Taking photos is finally fun for me! I spend a lot of time (sometimes because these places changed quite a bit, I was looking for that nice roof and couldn't figure out where it is ) walking around the city to find the places from old photos and try to match them as close as possible - angles, focal distance etc. And the best part about this - I'm not just taking photos of before/afters for this collection, while walking around the city I found a lot of great places and took some interesting photos. It also helped me have a new look on this city and learn lots of streets' names Were you ever in the situation where photography became boring and you just co
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