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  1. The big thing with the Fuji system (that is different from Sony, for example) is that only some lenses have really good continuous autofocus. I have the best results using continuous autofocus mode and a lens with fast contrast autofocus. I use this site (https://alikgriffin.com/a-complete-list-of-fujifilm-x-mount-lenses/) to know which lenses will provide the best continuous autofocus experience. In general, it's the newer weather-sealed lenses (although that's not always the case). Beyond that, you can try using spot autofocus and get use to moving your camera to keep the spot on the moving subject. (This method I find more reliable in a fast-moving situation than other methods).
  2. I haven't seen anything but a gimbal or glidecam/flycam provide sufficient stability for an un-stabilized camera body before. The latter is still pretty cheap. Or, buy a used gimbal. Also, wider lenses will help the image appear to be more stabilized. When you're starting out, you may want to to use a lens between 10mm and 23mm. For long walking shots on a gimbal, I use as 12mm because anything above that and I notice bouncing in my walking steps.
  3. I had this issue the first time I rented the XT-3. The cause for me was that I had placed a SD card formatted on a Sony camera into the XT3. Once I removed the SD card, I was able to turn the camera on. This may or may not be the same issue that you faced.
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