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  1. On 6/15/2019 at 3:14 AM, Tillikum2009 said:


    I take a lot of landscape photos from my boat with my XT3.  This includes mountains etc along the shore.  However,  when using autofocus  it always indicates a focal distance of around 5 meters.   Can anyone  tell me why it’s not focusing at infinity since the subject is several miles away ?   I don’t know if I should switch to manual and set it to infinity or trust the camera’s focus.  

    Any input on this would be much appreciated.


    thank you,




    Hi Tim,

    Have you tried using manual focus and then focus peaking? This way you can see all that is in relative focus. You will also notice then, depending on the f-stop you have chosen, that the focus distance is not set to infinity. This has more to do with the hyperfocal distance. You could manually choose infinity, but then the depth of field is different, than if you were to focus at the hyperfocal distance.
    I think that is what you are experiencing.

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