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  1. Hi all, Just wondered if there was another way to use multiple exposures besides going into the menu. The X-T3 has it on the top dial, and the X-pro2 has it on the drive button. Perhaps it can be set as a shortcut? Thanks, Darren Instagram: @sacks
  2. Thank you both for the reply - both helpful. I decided to stay with the X-H1 and send the X-T3 back. The IBIS and grip are great additions and as you both mentioned the EVF is great. I have my x-pro2 when I want a smaller camera. Cheers,
  3. Hi all,Second post here would appreciate the input. I just purchased an X-T3 and X-H1.The EVFs on paper are meant to be the same with same refresh rates when in boost mode.The sizes are also meant to be almost exactly the same at 0.50 inches X-T3 and 0.48 inches X-H1 with the same resolution.However the X-H1 EVF feels smaller (bigger black border around the edges) and not as clear. It also gives me eye strain after just a few minutes. (I have adjusted diopter). It feels like its further away if that makes sense?Has anyone else noticed a difference between the EVFs when using them side by side because on paper they are meant to be the same. Perhaps its just this particular X-H1.Thanks,
  4. Hi all, Just purchased an X-H1 (long time X-pro2 user) - seems a very nice camera. It seems the processor is a bit slower than my pro2. Software is 2.13. Question, is there any way around EVF blackout (besides at CH @ 11fps?) Its really distracting. My Pro2 does not do this at all. Thanks all, Darren
  5. Hi All, Does the digital teleconverter on the X100F work with the OVF engaged (or only with the EVF active?) AND does it change the view to show 50mm and 70mm? Thanks, Darren
  6. Thank you both for the replies. True, now that Ive seen the x-pro 3 released spec - I am not pleased with the flip down screen. True, I would like it to be an EDC but concerned that the digital teleconverter cant work in OVF? I think 23mm will be too wide for me. Pity the teleconverter only works in jpeg.
  7. Hi all, First post here. Hope some Fuji users can help - any questions answered will be helpful - thanks in advance. I currently shoot with a Nikon D90 and 50mm prime for street photography. I really want to switch to Fuji. I went to check out the Fuji range and was initially considering the X-T20, X-T2, X-Pro 2. (All with 35mm F2) After putting the EVF to my eyes for a minute I felt kind of sea sick, Ive never looked through an EVF before. So I am left with OVF as the only option. This leaves the X100F and X-Pro 2 as my only options. 1) I wear glasses - and found the viewfinder very small on the X-Pro 2, the OVF is also quite unusual to use. Does anyone else find it difficult to use (glasses wearers?) Is parallax an issue here? 2) I see the X100F OVF seems much bigger and clearer, do users find this? 3) Im concerned to buy an X100F as the fixed lens may be restrictive - I know it has crop modes, does the OVF adjust to the crop mode selected - or only the frame lines? 4) Should I wait for X-Pro 3 before buying X-Pro 2? (either because X-Pro 2 prices may drop, or because they may improve the OVF on X-Pro 3?) 5) I know they are different cameras - but would you get an X-Pro 2 over an X100F? I like the X-Pro 2 more aesthetically (doesn't mean its better in practice) Thanks, Darren
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