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    SPB reacted to Buck777 in NZ high Country with the GFX100s/GF23MM   
    Very impressed with the gf23mm. I’m not a fan usually of the 18mm focal range ( the xf18mm was my most hated lens!)
    But the 23 on the GFX100S is a beautiful combo. 18mm equivalent I don’t think I’d want much wider 

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    SPB reacted to batian in GFX100S Review   
    Hi there, for those who are interessted, some (first) thoughts from my side on the GFX100S...
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    SPB got a reaction from jerryy in Use USB-C to USB-A or USB-C to USB-C to transfer photos to PC?   
    Interesting I was expecting a drive icon to appear on Desktop for camera. Nothing, but opening the Mac app Image Capture, allows the downloads and recognises both cameras and allows me to download to Mac to a folder named after the camera. So now I bet all my cables work! Learn something new every day!
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    SPB reacted to Herco in Phase Detection AF and the FUJINON GF50mmF3.5 R LM WR   
    Depends on which GFX body you use the lens. Only the 100-versions have hybrid Contrast and Phase Detect AF. The 50-versions only have Contrast Detect AF.
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    SPB reacted to jlmphotos in Leica Monochom envy   
    One of my VERY best friends is a Leica Guy.  I know people say these Leica guys are stuck up, and hung up on gear but not my good friend.  He's a photographer.  Has taken, dropped, had repaired, shot, got wet, etc EVERY one of his six Leica bodies - including the Monochrome.  The Leica store in NYC LOVE him.  He walked in last year for a Leica branded polarizer, and walked with their only cop of of a think a 90mm lens that had just come out.  It was five figures deep that one~.  He also has several 80 megapixel + higher Hassy medium formats with some serious glass.   Last Christmas he bought for each of his three sons a new Leica body and a 50mm Summicron (?) lens!  Like I said - BIG BUCKS.  He just. bought the 60 megapixel S2 MF Leica as well a few months ago - And guess what? He actually ENVIES my fuji 50r and my APC cameras!  He truly loves them but I think he's afraid of switching at this point.  
    Long story short, I do believe that FUJI will be out with a medium format Monochrome by next summer or fall.  If they do, I and my friend will be first in line!
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    SPB reacted to Herco in Leica Monochom envy   
    maxmax.com converts many Fujifilm cameras to monochrome. It's quite expensive, but probably not more than when Fujifilm would launch a monochrome themselves. Previously, Fujifilm managers stated that a monochrome is not to be expected any time.
    As a former Leica owner (those film days) every time I pick up a Leica I'm tempted again. The Q2 monochrome will probably not be an exception. It's not made for people looking for features or value-for-money (though it holds fantastic value in the second-hand market) and in that respect its hard to compare with other brands. It's just like cars: you don't need a BMW to be happy, but it sure helps 😉 (for those who like cars)
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    SPB reacted to Herco in Recommendation for GFX100S?   
    These are two very different cameras and if you’re equally value stills and video I wouldn’t recommend a GFX100(S) for that. We’ve had the GFX100 here for a couple of months and though it is great for stills, it is a bit cumbersome for video. The AF works fine in single mode, but in continuous mode when shooting video, it can hunt quite a bit depending the lens and it often looses focus with moving subjects. Next to that the processor in the GFX100(S) is still the same as in the X-T3 and 4 and with the pixel downsampling (from 100MP sensor to about 10MP for 4K) it struggles in processing power. Don’t get me wrong, the GFX can do video, but its certainly not designed for that like the A1.
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    SPB got a reaction from jlmphotos in 50R vs X100V   
    I would add that if you only have one lens like the 50mm which I do have as well as some others - the 50R is great for some cropping of any image. Not as much naturally as the 100S, but that is expected. I will second what jlmphotos says about differences between FF and MF.
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    SPB reacted to jlmphotos in 50R vs X100V   
    Hello, and thank you for responding!  It's great to hear feedback on the feedback!  If you are financially able to go the medium format route then only you can make that decision - that is my brain speaking.  My heart says:  Hell yes!  It's an amazing camera.  Before you make that leap have you considered renting one for a few days or a week?  Yes, it will cost you, but in the longterm it might save you money as you may find it's not for you.  I have to agree with Herco whereas if you are not going to print BIG then no worries.  I've printed gorgeous 30 x 20's with much smaller cameras.  Again: it boils down to technique more than anything else.  If you are pursuing going into photography as a career a medium format camera will "future proof" you for some time to come.  There is nothing like a medium format image!  And I have to disagree with your statement that FF is like MF.  It is not.  I've shot all three formats and even looking at images on the camera display, there is a difference.  However, you go with regards to a Fuji in all honesty you can't go wrong!
    Good luck in all your future endeavors.
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    SPB reacted to jlmphotos in 50R vs X100V   
    I have never owned a X100 series camera. I do hear they are very compact and portable, and amazing.  I have owned the "rangefinder" styl X-E1 which got my started with Fuji then I stupidly sold it and bought the XT1, XT2, and XH1.  I've always loved the X-E1 so when Fuji came out with the 50R for me it was the BEST of both worlds.  Medium Format (harking back to my Mamiya 645 AFD Film cameras) AND a rangefinder style.  Now, I've owned the 50r since November and I must say I try and use it for everything as much as possible.  I've even used the 50R to shoot a children's soccer match -- which I do not recommend LOL. Anyway, I ramble.  Except for one thing:  I love the small form factor of my X-E1 as it fit in my work briefcase so I now have the 27mm 2.8 pancake mounted on my X-T1 which is comparably tiny and carry that to the office and back.  However, there is no comparison to using the 50r.  If you can afford it, and maybe justify it's use and expense, I'd go for that.  But if you are only shooting for online purposes then it's overkill. I shoot for various agencies, plus stock doing travel and landscape and the camera will pay for itself in a matter of a year or so; plus, as a small business I can depreciate it and save some tax.  Hope that helps somewhat, but I would sit and consider what it is you want to accomplish and how to go about it.  and as you may have read in my profile I have never ever shot street, and never will as I can't stand people. LOL so I can't help. you there.  Good Luck and please let the community know what you've decided.
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    SPB reacted to Herco in I Bought a New Fuji GFX 50r ... need a little help   
    Provia is indeed the most standard film simulation of all. When you use that as a starting point and create a custom profile dialing down all highlight, shadow and color settings to -1 or -2 you get a very flat profile in jpegs. You can also set the screen to 'Natural Live View' in the Setup>Screen Setting menu (switch it to ON). That way it will not display film simulations on screen (just monochrome and sepia when selected).
    Note that when you select a film simulation (any) that information is also stored in the RAW file. Some RAW-convertors use that for display purposes when importing the RAW file. You can easily bypass that by selecting the required ICC profile and curve. In Capture One by default the RAW image will be displayed using the selected film simulation (camera specific ICC profile and curve on AUTO). When you want to see the pure RAW image in Capture One you should select LINEAR as a curve, You can default this in the import dialogue. 
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    SPB reacted to peter50R in I Bought a New Fuji GFX 50r ... need a little help   
    your RAW image can be converted to anything ... but if you want a jpeg it has to do something (some film simulation as they call it). The default jpeg is FILM SIMULATION PROVIA/STANDARD. You can also make a 'custom' FILM SIMULATION or your own 'recipe' and use that ...
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    SPB reacted to Herco in Leica Monochom envy   
    I guess it depends heavily on where you are located. In all my 35+ years with Leica (I've always had one or two) I rarely had to fall back on their Customer Support. But when I did, I directly reverted to their Wetzlar office in Germany and they've always been great and swift.
    I hear similar stories from colleagues in the US re. Fujifilm Professional Service (FPS) over there, but here in Europe FPS is a bit of a joke. I have (of have had) various Fuji cameras and more than 10 lenses but the process of repair and service is tedious and costly. Even with an FPS subscription (although it is for free). And when you ask for a temp replacement, they never seem to have one... 
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    SPB reacted to Sir Grey in Leica Monochom envy   
    I can't help but feel envious when I hear such praise about Leica being so "innovative" and "daring". Leica releases a camera with no screen and it's marvel for those that want one less distraction while photographing.
    Fuji does a similar move with the X-pro 3 and it's divisive, even though you still get a screen if you don't want one.
    That leads me to my main point that I still want Fuji to release a monochrome camera.
    Sure, could I save up and buy Leica? Sure, but I think the Fuji system offers more to me than just price. I think they always have more value than leica in terms of features, and I think Fuji is more humble as a brand, where they don't flaunt their brand as a luxury class item. 
    Anyway, I hope to see a monochrome sensor Fuji camera in the future. 
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    SPB reacted to stex07 in Anyone else disappointed w/ build quality?   
    I agree. Coming from xt2 and x100s, the xt4 is a huge disappointment in terms of build quality. I couldn’t understand how I acquired a serious mark on the ‘prism’ within 24 hours of arrival as I am a very careful user. Sad about this retrograde step.
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    SPB reacted to JeroenB in Recommendation on lenses for GFX100S   
    For portraits: the 110mm is gorgeous at F2.0 and 2.8, best portrait lens I've ever had and I rate it 10/10. Everyone expects a lot from the new 80mm too. The 250mm is also really nice for portraits, 8,5/10.
    The 50mm is said to be slightly better than the 45mm which I have and rate 7,5/10. The 30mm I haven't used very much yet, 7-8/10 for the moment. The 63mm is OK but nothing really special, a 7/10. The 120mm is really sharp, could be good for landscape but a no-go for portraits.
    I had the 32-64mm, it's really sharp but has -imho- no character, 5/10. I really dislike zooms so I'm totally biased .
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    SPB got a reaction from pixeljohn22 in PRO3 OR XT-3 FOR STREET AND TRAVEL   
    I have both cameras and regard them as interchangeable for most things. For street I prefer the X-Pro 3. I always hankered after a Leica M-D, but baulked because of a lack of screen. The hidden screen gives me just what I wanted in a street camera, a screen I can look at if and when I feel like it, but not all of the time. With the F2 lenses in particular one has a very discreet and highly capable camera.
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    SPB got a reaction from jerryy in Lock for Exposure Compensation Dial   
    This is one thing I would love to have on any of my Fuji cameras! I often use the camera in manual and I often nudge the Exposure Compensation Dial accidentally and even worse don't notice that I have done.
    A lock on that dial would be my number one 'upgrade' for all 3 Fujifilm cameras I own, as it is a physical thing it is too late for me! However for future cameras ....... please Fujifilm!
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