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    Roger Solbakke got a reaction from lysander in Custom settings influence on other film simulations - X100V   
    Ok, so maybe I remember wrong about my previous F... Yes you are right about dedicating one of the 7, good idea! Thank you.
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    Roger Solbakke got a reaction from androniksupersonik in Brassing X100V   
    Dear Fujifilm!
    You are so good at developing cameras with retro feelings! It would be very interesting if you went a little further and made a color variant that look old like brassing. Especially for the new x100V it would have been my first choice. What do you mean? Is that a good idea?

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    Roger Solbakke reacted to Doug Pardee in Brassing X100V   
    Just FYI: the usual term for that is "brassing." Yeah, that's not all that helpful.
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