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    Fujimann got a reaction from waneijs in Recommended SD Cards for Fujifilm XT-4   
    I bought the Lexar 128Gb cards you mention for my X-T4 as the first cards for the camera. No problems so far with stills or video.
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    Fujimann got a reaction from mlubomirov in Fujiflm X-T4 - AF-C (Turn off the camera and turn on again)   
    I did have a similar problem with my X-T3 and a rented 90mm f2 lens. I've never had it with my other lenses. I believe, without proof, that the contact connections on lens to camera was at fault. I didn't have the problem after that with any of me lenses. When I returned the lens to rental, Fuji rep couldn't help with the problem either. 
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    Fujimann got a reaction from Highlander123 in Repair X-T2 or New X-t3   
    I have both the X-T2 and the X-T3 and I find myself going to the X-T2 more often. Not sure why but it's something I've noticed that I do. I like the X-T3 but love the X-T2. It's seems maybe simpler. I just thought if I gave that info it may help a little to make your decision. 
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