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  1. Does the XT-30 support the Lens Modulation Optimizer (LMO)? Thanks!
  2. This is where I am having the problem - evaluating the live feed off the sensor to get what I need to set things manually. I understand that the lens isn't going to convey any information. What specifically should I be seeing in the viewfinder to indicate the camera is evaluating the exposure? Everything looks absolutely static for me with the lens adaptor in place. Thanks!
  3. Hey I didn't even notice those cool graphics you included in a previous message since I was reading on my phone for that. Thanks for going to all that trouble - it makes me feel even better about holding on to the 23mm! Thanks again, Al
  4. I can live with that. Thanks for the advice! Al
  5. I'll grant you my own 'testing' was anything but scientific. It basically consisted of taking a picture of a textured brick wall about 3-4 feet away, outdoors in the sun. I took several shots at 2.0 and several more at 4.0. Shutter speed was obviously not a factor. The 2.0 shots were consistently softer than 4.0 (which were very sharp.) The dropoff is more than I would have anticipated (enlarging the image was not required to see the difference,) but then again, I've never conducted a test like this. I was only motivated to try it given all the stuff I've read online. Maybe I should try it again with another lens and see if the same thing happens. At any rate, I'm satisfied it's not really going to amount to much if any of an issue with the type of shooting I do - and for what it's worth, that seems to be the prevailing attitude even among those that felt the lens was soft wide open.
  6. <sorry, I see now this adaptor is for Sony - wasn’t able to figure out how to delete my post> Is something like this what you are looking for? https://www.adorama.com/kabenexma645.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwpPHoBRC3ARIsALfx-_J9AUFr19E-ozxexZkYqMnZZAvy1-1Kf8P4kixHtZOrzOXb8vbi9y4aAlUqEALw_wcB Good luck, Al
  7. Looks great. I am aspiring to do the same thing but am currently stuck while being educated on how to work with lens adapters 🙂 This is the group of FD lenses I have to work with - I’m sure some are better suited than others. 20mm 2.8 50mm 1.4 35-70mm zoom 100mm 4.0 macro 135mm 2.5 100-200 zoom 300mm 5.6 Thanks, Al
  8. Thanks, I tend to agree. Maybe I should be thinking of the softness more as a “characteristic” of the lens than a defect :-).
  9. And all the other reviewers must be using it wrong as well. But you make a good point about sharpness - I agree that's just one of many criteria. I'm thinking I'll keep the 23mm.
  10. Thanks Quincy. I do have "preview exposure and white balance" set, yet I always just get "F0" in the viewfinder when I put an FD lens on. With shutter speed in Auto, the F stop never changes (always F0), nor does the displayed shutter speed when I change the f stop on the lens. I wonder if I have some other menu setting that is keeping this from working? Thanks, Al
  11. Ah, thank you very much. I still think it's a cool feature, but it was driving me nuts having it on full time 🙂
  12. tiggyboo


    23mm F2, iso 1250, f4, 1/34
  13. Hi, my name's Al. My previous photography experience has mostly been vintage Canons and Leica M6. Street photography has been my most recent interest, so I thought I'd try the Fuji X-T30 due to it's inconspicuous nature. Nothing like getting a modern day camera to make you realize how old you are :-). Currently ruminating over whether to use the 16mm 2.8 or 23mm 2 as a prime lens.
  14. I have an X-T30 that I'd like to use some of my old Canon FD lenses with. I have the adapter and made the recommended menu changes (e.g., shoot with no lens, set focal length.) However, I'm not sure how to do the metering once they are in place. I understand it is manual - but does manual mean I make settings on the lens according to what my viewfinder manual exposure is telling me, or do I need to basically use a light meter/external source to determine the exposure setting and adjust accordingly?
  15. Following an online tutorial I tried turning on the level control because I thought it might come in handy. However, I can't figure out how to find it in the menu structure to turn it off now... can't find the original tutorial that got me in this mess, either 🙂 thanks in advance, Al
  16. I have the 23mm F2 and like it so far - with one reservation, and this is that it tends to get a little soft wide open at F2. It otherwise strikes me as quite sharp. Possibly not a big deal if you're not the type to shoot wide open very often, but maybe a consideration. Incidentally, my motivation was also a prime lens for street photography.
  17. I was recently shipped a 16mm 2.8 lens mistakenly - I'd actually ordered the 23mm 2.0. I'm the proud owner of a new XT-30. For the moment, I have both lenses in hand. I have 30 days to send one of the lenses back. I confirmed what I saw in many reviews that the 23mm is soft when wide open at 2.0. That does not seem to be the case with the 16mm at it's maximum aperature (then again, it can't get that wide.) I also noticed that the f-stop clicks were much more distinct on the 16mm than they were on the 23mm, although I doubt I would have noticed it had I not compared them side by side. I will say the 23mm feels a little better balanced in my hands with the XT-30 than does the 16mm. Now I'm struggling over which to return. I think the 23mm is a better fit as a 'standard lens' - at least the way I shoot. On the other hand, the other stuff I mentioned above sort of sticks in my craw. Any opinions along these lines are appreciated. Thanks in advance! Al
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