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  1. This is the X-T3 forum, not X-T30. You will have much better luck over there.
  2. What I mean exactly are: The "Select Custom Setting" menu item. "Edit/Save Select Custom Setting" menu item. The "Save Current Settings" menu item. The (Q) Quick Mode functionality. The whole thing is a complete mess! Is the whole point of this to create up to 7 different screens for quick access to menu items? I assume you cannot save actual menu settings here. For example, if Timer shows in the quick access menu, and I set the timer to 2 sec, then I can temporarily use the 2 sec, but if I turn off the camera, then turn it back on, the 2 sec setting changes
  3. The "this" is simple computer programs that could be easily created by a photographer and run on a camera. I have a perfect real world scenario. I want to be able to shoot a landscape scene with focus bracketing AND exposure bracketing at the same time. This would assure that everything in the scene was tack sharp, and all information in the scene was recorded for optimal dynamic range. How I Do It Now: 1. Set the exposure compensation manually to +3, and press the shutter release to capture the focus bracketed shot. 2. Set the exposure compensation manually to +0, and press t
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