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  1. As for user experience, I tried it on for a couple of days: I didnt like the bokeh (quite nasty), but more importantly the camera becomes totally clumsy and out of balance, and loses the ease of use. I eventually prefered using the digital tele over the TCL, the difference in quality wasnt even that big on lower F stops. All in all, the price tag didnt really make sense for me in the end: I rather bought an actual 50mm (35mm) lens for the same price and bought a new body, rather than investing in a dead-end gimmick that I cannot use on any other camera
  2. It might sound complex, but it really is not: I download JPEGs from the camera (X100F) to my iPhone using the Fujifilm Camera Remote app, in full resolution and sRGB. When I post the given photo on Facebook, theres a clear color shift towards red (especially in the lighter tones), which quite frankly ruins the skintones, etc. If I copy the very same photo from the iPhone to my PC (for example via e-mail) and post it from there, the colors are correct, as is the jpeg file itself. Does anyone have a similar experience or an idea what could cause this? Since theres no iOS trickery involved (I make sure I am comparing the very same file on both PC and iPhone) and its in sRGB profile already, I dont understand where the color shift is coming from and quite frankly its making it impossible for me to post photos from my phone. Strangely, it it doesnt seem to affect snaps I have taken with iPhone to begin with, only the X100F photos I transfer from the camera. Comparison bellow....
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