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  1. Hi all,
    i have a Tenba DNA 8 ( i love it ) that i use to take with me:
    - Fuji xt3
    - Fuji 23mm/f2
    - Fuji 50mm/f2
    - Viltrox 85mm
    - two batteries

    After purchasing the Viltrox there is no more space and the extraction of a lens has become uncomfortable.
    In the future maybe i will buy also the fuji 35mm/f2.
    Which bag would you recommend?
    I don't like leather bags and i would like to spend max 120 €.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi All, 
    I recently entered the Fuji world and I'm trying to find my way to develop raw files.
    I used Dxo Photolabs and the Google Nik Collections to develop raw files, but since DXO does not support RAF files, I have to find an alternative.
    I am now trying the following software:

    With darktable I can manage local adjustments through masks, parametric masks etc etc, but Capture 1 Express can't do the same.
    Question for C1 Express users: What tools do you use to manage local adjustments? What is your workflow?
    Thanks and sorry for my English! :)

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