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  1. Thanks Ken! I agree, it's the old buy cheap, buy twice thing. For this "dilemma", they're about the same price. Of course the answer is probably, "Buy both!"
  2. Howdy everyone, Just joined up and somewhat new to the X system. I've been shooting Canon for about 10 years, and became intrigued probably from a YouTube video. Liked the idea of a much smaller camera with great image quality, and loved the idea of the external controls. Bought an X100F online for a weekend in Arizona, but just did not bond with it. Low light was such a drop-off from my 6D that I couldn't adjust, and I didn't get along with the viewfinder at all. Maybe it was too much change, from DSLR to mirrorless, to rangefinder, to hybrid VF, to decreased low-light performance, to no
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