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  1. My curiosity finally got the better of me - got the loxia. I was more interested in the S for its low light capability but wanted at least 16mp. When I think about it, my concern with getting more Fuji gear is that the company may not be able to keep up with the pace of innovation of its competitors, namely Sony, and letting them capture the market and generate the resources to accelerate even faster. This being said, I will be more than happy with my current Fuji gear for years and will wait to see what they do with future camera releases. I just don't want to get anything more at this point in time.
  2. Purchased the 23mm but deciding to send it back after the XE2s rumor. I know it's just a rumor and all but I'm getting a little fed up with Fuji. The cameras are a joy and I'll keep my XT1, 10-24, 35, 56, 50-140 and when the body conks out, get a used XT1, but I don't want to increase my investment with Fuji at this time. A7r ii and 35mm prime on the way. I may hate it but what if I don't?
  3. Thank you! Things that are important to me right now are small and compact (my camera bag these days serves as a diaper overflow bag) with faster/more reliable AF that can keep up with my daughter as, like you, I don't want to have a lot of opportunities missed. I am now leaning more toward the XF 23mm as the X100 imho is too expensive for what it is today. I love the concept and hope they can get the AF to a point where it can be my take everywhere camera (though I would also get the 35mm tele-converter for portraits too!) and not feel the need to upgrade when the next version comes out. This is how I feel about my X-T1 - I'm keeping it for life!
  4. I love the 23mm perspective and the small form factor of the camera, but wondering if the x100 line is still worth it (value for money wise). I would have felt more positive about it had a fw update been made to the x100s to speed up the AF to x100t levels but neither camera has seen any updates, and I find myself using my x-t1 and letting the x100s collect dust as I get more keepers of my young daughter with the x-t1. Now I'm wondering whether it's still worth getting an x100t (or wait for the next iteration) or if it's better to get the 23mm prime which will retain it's value and only get better when a new camera body appears. The support for the original x100 was admirable but Fuji's lack (or at least, less than the x100) of support for the latter s/t models, make me feel like I'm buying an expensive disposable. Meanwhile, my x-t1 keeps getting better! X100 series still worth it or should I just get the 23mm?
  5. If it makes you feel any better, not upgrading the X100T firmware might appease X100S users longing for an upgrade - at least this has been my experience
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