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  1. Taken at the Valley Of Fire Park, Nevada.
  2. Kevin_B


    Could be dirt on sensor !!
  3. I have owned the x-e2, x-t1,x-10/20 and the x-t2 now the h1 and I must say the h1 feels the best in my hands, I like the size not to small or large and the smoothness of this camera is the best I have ever used makes taking pictures fun. I still have the t10/20 and I like shooting them as well but the H1 is special.
  4. Well I have found my way back to Fuji (should have never left) I doubt that I will be shooting anything but Fuji from here on out, I have moved from shooting car events (worked with local clubs for marketing shots/design) and spending more time doing landscapes and some portrait work. I kind of jump started my shooting when I moved back to Fuji they put the fun back into shooting. Anyway look forward to being a part of the club !!
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