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  1. Hello, I'm shooting next month. I'm recording out of camera via HDMI to a Ninja V using vintage lenses via a Metabones Speedbooster Ultra. I've been experimenting and settled on film simulations instead of F LOG. With the vintage lenses, I like Astia Soft, Pro Negative High. I'm leaning towards 4K DCI 24P over UHD 24P. Questions: 1. All Intra vs. Long GOP? I heard in a video All Intra was easier with computer editing? I'm using Mac and Final Cut 2. H.264 vs. H 265? - does it matter when recording to Ninja V? Differences? 3. Noise reduction off or lowest setting? 4. DCI 17:9 vs. UHD for Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms? 5. Tips for achieving slow motion shooting in 4K or UHD? Seems the camera only does HD 6. Are the film simulations outputting Rec 709? 7. Any other tips? Thanks!!!
  2. Hello folks, I'm shooting video with my Fuji -XT3. I'm using a Metabones Speed Booster and adapting vintage Contax Zeiss C/Y mount lenses. I'm recording to a Ninja V monitor via HDMI. I'm getting a strange light flicker in the highlights with movement. This is happening in natural light. I'm recording UHD 24p with the shutter set to 1/48. I also tried 29.97 with 1/60 and it was a little better, not much. Any advice? Do I need to roll down the highlights? Anybody adapting vintage lenses with a speed booster? Thanks.
  3. Greetings. I use the Fuji XT3 with a battery grip, Ninja V monitor, manual vintage lenses + adapter. I also have the small rig cage but use that part of the time. The setup runs 6 - 7 pounds. Can anyone please recommend a good video image stabilization device? Thanks a lot.
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