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  1. Fujifilm reply: Thank you for contacting FUJIFILM UK. We are sorry to advise that there is no dedicated geologging device for this camera model. However you use the FUJIFILM camera remote app, which will allow you to embed location data into the images. The free app is compatible with smart phones, i-Pads and tablets, and a smart mobile is required for the location data. The app is used to control the camera and to transfer images from the camera to the smart phone. Please visit the following link for further details. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/camera_remote/ If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards, FUJIFILM UK Digital Support Phone: 03445532321 Email: fujifilmtec_uk@fujifilm.com FUJIFILM UK Limited St Martins Business Centre, St Martins Way, Bedford, MK42 0LF, UK www.fujifilm.eu/uk Post should now be closed?
  2. Have not been able to find any reference to any external firmware, am I right in thinking there are none? Having searched around it seems Camera built-in GPS has been dropped off since 2000ish and must keep my Panasonic DMC-TZ80 Lumix Compact Wi-Fi Camera which is nearly 10 years old!!! Have tried and used the smartphone but I want to use the Camera for photography and not get distracted with all the setting up for Geotagging. Shame Fujifilm have not made an effort to supply, Nikon & Canon do!!
  3. Totally agree, the software set-up is just to much trouble.
  4. Has there been any further development too enable geo tagging to be current without adding later. I've linked mine through the bluetooth and Fujifilm Camera remove but position updates don't occur as you move only every so often.
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