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  1. Alirght! Sounds like bc's I dont like taking photos from A too close spot (too close to the person) And bc's I like to cach also other stuff around the person, the 27mm is the one that will suite and serve me more! Atleast hope so...😊 Thanks!
  2. yukosteel, No - compact is not the first thing I am looking for. I looking for something that not too much of a portrait (as the 35mm) but not too wide (as the 23mm) Thanks
  3. Whaoo beautiful frames! (espeicially from the 27+35) Yes, you are so right. for me - as I see from your gr8 pictures, the 35 is really more of A street portrait lens. capture more the the 1..2...3 people and not what happaned at the sides. From the other hand, the 23mm really captures much more wider part of what going arround. Am I correct? If do - sounds to me that the 27mm is sort of A "balance" between the wider 23mm and the "less wider" 35mm. Is it right? Thank you!
  4. Hi, I want to ask from ones that using 2 of these to upload (if you have or can take) 1 photo of each to know if it make sence buying also the 23mm I own the 27 which is good focal length for street BUT the missing aparture ring is a bit downside for me. So want to check both of them to compare. B.T.W: what is the most ideal street lens (your private opinion)? Thanks!
  5. Hi, Sorry for the delay with my respond...my leg was broken And I had A surgery First of all: f/1.4 versions are out of budget so it would be better to talk only about the f/2. @Jürgen Heger This is the respond of the century 🙂 "closer vs distance"...Well, I dont see myself shooting 2-3 meters from the person I want to take a photo of. I will still keep A 20 (approx) meters off the person...maybe at the future I will have the courage to get closer. Weather resistance: I dont know. Winter here is just 3-3.5 months .... rest of year sunny. During summer could be dust...not that much. So maybe in that case f/2.0 at the end would be A better alternative. Difference between f/2.0 to f/2.8 could be very noticeable? The The 16 mm f/1.4 is WAY OVER the budget. @tractorboyx How can I see the focal length? I cant see that detail on the picture info in camera roll Regarding wider VS narrower - I photographing from distance of 20 (approx) meters...so it "more of" narrower, right? Thanks for both of you! @Jürgen Heger 🤩
  6. Hi, I own th XT-1. After searched for opinions and "way of mind" all over - I want to advice with the FUJI'S. I am A photography is A hobby for me. I like taking shots at streets - people And , situations happen at street , interesting buildings , abandoned buildings. At the moment I using the XF-18-55. So thinking of buying A wide-angle short lenses And want to advice with you which is the best suits me. 35? 23? ..... or any other else? If possible - offering option A and B. Thank you very much!
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