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  1. Hi dfallsfilm, I wanted to buy a speedbooster, and for more research I do there is very little information about the same for Fuji. Since now congratulations for the post, thanks for sharing. I would like to ask if already experimenters update with the latest firmware version? 1.17. How does AF behave with Canon lenses generically? It would be to use on a T20 X. I have a Fringer Pro, it's fast, but I needed a speedbooster. I already bought the Viltrox EF-FX2, where I mounted the Canon 35mm f2 IS USM, it seemed to work fine, but after removing the lens from the adapter I stopped focusing on the infinite because it rotates the lens of the adapter when removing the lens (bad construction). The Kipon model looks much better built, and does not seem to be my eye, to have the problem of the lenses touch the optimum set and roll it when removing the lens. Are you still satisfied? Regards,
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