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  1. Your Dynamic Range settings would be at 400%. Go to Menu>Movie Settings>Dynamic Range (Movie) and turn it down to 100%. That would solve the issue.
  2. I use an X-H1. Right now there are 4 modes when you press the VIEW MODE button. The one I use is EVF + EYE Sensor. It feels right coming from a DSLR and it helps save battery. You can preview photos on the display with the playback button and everything's okay. But as soon as you want to go to the Main Settings you have to either switch the mode to any other mode (except EVF only) or change the settings using the EVF. Then to go back to EVF + EYE Sensor you have to press the view mode button 4 times. And If you want to go to “live view” that is LCD view, you again have to do t
  3. I own an X-H1; recently bought. I've used the X-T3 and coming from a DSLR I didn't get along with the ergonomics. It's okay-ish when you're shooting (not great of a grip) but when you're out and about, walking just holding the camera in one hand, it's not comfortable (at least for me). X-T3 has Better autofocus, Eye-AF in continuous AF. Newer sensor, and processor. High-speed shooting. More resolution (2 megapixels if you care about such things). compared to the X-H1 which has Better Ergonomics, and will balance out heavy lenses. Better rugged
  4. I bought an X-H1 recently. Only camera I own. For now.
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