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  1. Has anyone seen if there will be a kit deal on the GFX100s with a "kit" lens and in that case which one, and possibly at what prices?
  2. Hi there. I am looking at getting a GFXs or the possibly the GFX 100 when it arrives. I am interested in if there is a compilation of FF lenses that does work (more or less) like a FF lens but on the GFX sensor. Of course there will be more or less sharp lenses and some will be with AF and some will not, but lenses that is not vignetting (badly) and behaves in a usable way on the full GFX sensor. A little bit like the mitagon, zeiss and samyang and rokinons on the X cameras. I am today using 45 and 90 TSE lenses on Canon and was hoping to be able to use them on the GFX with an adapter but was wanted to be able to find more and other lenses that might be a suitable match. Thanks
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