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  1. Thank you lleo and mma2. This gives me a lot more hope in looking at the XH1 in this regard. -Charlie
  2. Hi All, I've been doing an insane amount of research on the X-H1's IBIS, and am under the impression that with the right mount adapter (in my case, F-Mount to X-Mount) I can use my vintage glass (I own about 6 Nikkor lenses ranging from 24mm-180mm) with the X-H1. However, there is no said information proving that if I purchase the X-H1 that the IBIS will work with the lenses. I have found this F-Mount to X-Mount adapter that claims to do the job - https://www.kentfaith.com/search_Nikon%20F%20Lenses%20to%20Fuji%20X%20Mount%20Camera%20Adapter/KF06.101_nikon-to-fuji-x-mount-adapter. Additionally, I am aware that for each lens I will need to set the focal length in the camera under the Mount Adapter Settings. Is there proof that Nikkor vintage glass, with the right adapter, will produce smooth video results with the IBIS in the XH-1? Thank you so much ahead of time, Charlie Knott MICA Film and Video, '19 www.charlieknottfilms.com
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