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  1. I'm on the road about 3-6 months as a stock and travel photographer. Honestly, if I take a laptop, it's too much for me. I don't do anything other than SEPARATE my SD cards from my camera and lens back pack/ or camera bags. Once I take a memory card out of the camera it gets put in my pocket-rocket upside down and the pocket rocket literally SLEEPS with me. I don't feel like dealing with laptops, iPads, chargers, etc. etc. I focus on making images. I have enough memory cards to shoot about 15 Gigs worth of images per trip. This has served me very well in three weeks in Costa Rican jungle, Alaska, Everglades, Florida Keys, Canada, Prince Edward Island, Nevada, California for three weeks in the Sierra Nevada mountains, etc. And this was just in 2018. How many images have I lost: ZERO. EVER. And, i've been doing this since 2004. I'm headed to Germany and Iceland in a few weeks and again, no laptop, no iPad, no other devices except my iPhone - which has 256G of space in case I want to copy some fuji files over to send to my agents and editors. I'm happy with my style. Many will not be. But I do feel I'm out there to bring back the bacon, have fun, enjoy my travels; not worry about sh*t like backups, laptops, security, locking things up, etc. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  2. I also use Luminar 3, and Luminar 2018... And my LR CC Classic (subscription version) works great.
  3. Capture One Pro 12 - either the full paid for version, or the FREE Express.
  4. © © 2019 Jorge L Moro

  5. X-H1, X-T2, X-T1... Though the X-T1 languishes now... I was thinking of converting it to Infrared
  6. The X-H1 is pure Silk. Sex. and Sugar.
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