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  1. I have exactly the same issue with my x-pro 2. Having only great experience with Canon CPS previously I did send mine for repair three days after purchase. That was back in early February and I have not seen my camera since.
  2. Greetings folks, this is my first post here and I admit that I came here to vent! I am a long time Canon user but I also shoot a lot with a film rangefinder (Voigtlander Bessa) so X-pro won me over with the rangefinder-like OVF. I wanted to try mirrorless for a long time and xpro was the only model I've ever considered. I bought a new X-Pro2 at the beginning of February and, bad luck, my camera has been defective, intermittenly shutting down and freezing from day one. I found that it was actually a well-known issue from this forum. I brought the camera back to my Fuji retailer, they took it back to send it for repair, especially that it also failed to turn on right there in the shop. To cut the long story short, first the retailer forgot to send my camera to Fuji Sweden, then Fuji Sweden lost my camera and registered it as a different model, then Fuji UK refused to honor the warranty. Fast forward two months and lots of phonecalls, my x-pro2 still has not been repaired and it's somewhere out there, probably in the UK. I had the camera for three days (bought on Friday, returned after the weekend). The whole experience has been very frustrating, fortunately I have my film cameras as a backup. I'm not sure if I will be able to trust and enjoy the camera once it's back. I feel cheated into paying a "pro" price and then receiving a crap service in return at every step of the warranty repair. Thanks for reading, I reckon I just need a pat on the back or something.
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