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  1. I’ve used about a dozen of my Canon lenses on the GFX50R with the TechArt adapter, including the TS 45. Although I haven’t done exhaustive testing, the initial results have been excellent with most of the L glass if you don’t mind the autofocus speed. My best results have been with the 85/1.2, 50/1.2, and the 70-200/2.8. Almost all have some vignetting of course but for most I can correct it in PS.
  2. I ordered an EF adapter and plan to try my Canon TS. I’ve read good things about the combination, but haven’t tried it personally yet.
  3. I’ve only had my 50R for a few weeks and am headed out on my first international trip since getting it. I got the 32-64, 23 and 120 to complement the body. My thoughts so far: 1) The ergonomics are good, but not perfect. It’s no bigger than my 1D bodies and it’s lighter than I expected. Carrying it in hand for a couple hours is doable. Mind you my previous travel camera was a Leica, so this is saying something. 2) The images are everything I’d hoped they’d be. Even my worst shots are workable in PS. 3) I enjoy shooting with it. While not as minimalist as my Leica with just a couple dials and the aperture ring I have control over the camera instead of the other way around. After several hundred photos 90% of my manual remains unread. 4) The auto-focus isn’t as bad as folks make out. It’s not a Canon or Nikon but I didn’t expect it to be. Only a few times have I had the camera searching for focus and since I’m moving from the world of manual focus, it’s still faster and more accurate than I was. 5) I’ve got adapters on order my EOS and Leica lenses and am looking forward to trying them out. So far I’m thoroughly impressed with the 50R. Over the next few weeks I’ll take a few thousand shots and hopefully get as comfortable with it as I was with my Leica.
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