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    I'm new as well and went through tons of research before deciding what to get. Eventually the kit I have started off with is: X-T3, 18-55, 10-24, 100-400 + 1.4TC. I might fill the gap later with a 55-200 or 50-140, as I am going on a safari next year and might want something mid-range. But this current kit covers everything I want to do. Results from all the lenses is just great, I'm so pleased with everything I've bought. I decided to stick with OIS lenses only as everything I do is handheld, even with the 100-400, and also all stayed with WR where possible (not the 18-55 but not bothered by that).
  2. I'm new to Fuji and very much an amateur. I've got an 18-55, 10-24 and 100-400 on an X-T3. For generally walking round, street and landscape, I'm tending to use the 10-24 and very impressed with results. I might change over to using the 18-55 as my standard, but I just love the huge wide 10mm for landscape and would miss not having that to hand? I've also got an X100F and like you, finding the 23mm just a tad too narrow for me, I'd prefer it was 18mm. 16-80 would be great, but 18-55 is pretty good also, that's what I'd go with given one choice, guess that's why it's often bundled as a standard. It has OIS, but not WR which isn't much of an issue to me cause if it's bad weather I'm inside!
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