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  1. Hi, I would be interested to hear how people store / manage their photos. I am an amateur photographer who likes taking landscapes and travel photos. I do not do large amounts of editing - only for the few photos that I want to print or share. My current process is: 1. Upload ALL photos from memory card to my OneDrive account (1TB of storage). This is to act as my long term 'emergency store' of photos. 2. Upload select photos to LightRoom. These are the photos that I edit / prepare for printing. These also act as my repository of better quality photos. 3. Transfer photos that I wish to share with friends and family to my MacBook, and then use the Photos function for personal storage / sharing. Issues Transferring to One Drive is slightly laborious, and because my MacBook only has a 256GB memory requires me to constantly juggle the files that are on my computer (e.g. to transfer 40GB of photos from memory card to OneDrive requires 40GB space on my computer as part of the 'transition' (excuse the lack of technical language). Possible Solutions I see that I can buy a 2TB memory drive from Amazon for £45 - £70. Could this replace (or supplement) my OneDrive 'emergency store'? Do people still store their photos on 'solid state', or is that old fashioned and prone to crashing /wiping? Thank you for your thoughts
  2. Hello all, Thank you very much for your answers, and I apologise for the long period of silence from me! I had an issue with getting alerts to tell me that a reply had been left... In reply to Sharkey4711 I will be sending them to a printer. I have been using Snapfish (I am in the UK). They have been a decent price, and the quality has been fine for standard/ small prints. Question - any recommendations for a decent printer for larger prints? I will be displaying in frames - likely with a mount. Regarding whole frame / cropping - likely will depend on how my photo looks! Assume more than likely that I will not be cropping. Thank you all for your help, Rob
  3. Hello, I've amassed a collection of snaps from by X-E3 that I would like to print. I'm getting slightly scuppered by frame sizes. They are in 3:2 ration - however does this mean that i will be able to fit into a frame of this ratio (e.g. 6inch by 9 inch) with no danger of the edges of the photo showing? Or, is there an art to either cropping it, or getting a slightly smaller frame? Secondly: Shooting with the X-E3, with 4000 x 6000 resolution - what's the largest I can reasonably expect to print to? My penchant is for landscapes, and viewing will generally be from 2+ metres away. Thank you Rob
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