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  1. Some reverse-engineering and googling: - Noise is a "feature" of 18-55 - The behavior looks like a firmware bug. Apparently, in this mode aperture is opened stop-by-stop, adjusting screen amplification on each step.
  2. Use pete1959's YouTube link - just do not cut to the 3-minute mark. Around minute earlier there was a description of the removal of a metal insert. It required some force, but helped, at least with PD V2. BTW, PeakDesign is replacing V1 and V3 (free) and will send them with the metal ring for smaller holes.
  3. Hi, I've noticed a very strange behavior that I'd like to understand (and hopefully fix) When I have tight apperture (e.g. f16) set, and auto SS, half-pressing the release button goes to an exposure preview. If I release the button, shutter goes back to wide open immediately in AF-C or M, but in AF-S it opens in multiple steps. This behavior is worst in low light conditions, as these steps are becoming pretty slow. Can somebody please explain what is going on in this case? Thanks, Gene
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