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  1. Hey guys! I´m an amateur photographer, basically for travel and street photo. For now I use a Canon 550D, but I´ll most probably change to Fuji X systems, basically for it´s size and lens quality. My budget is quite limited compared to what other people is posting. I´m thinking about getting either an X-E3 or X-T30 with perhaps a couple of lenses (23mm and something like 50 maybe). I just posted the question in the X-E3 subforum, so feel free to pass by and give me your thoughts. Cheers!
  2. Hi all, A little bit of background: I have a Canon 550D. I have a couple of lenses, but I basically always use the 35mm f2 since I got it, due to it´s size and versatility. I use it 95% for travelling and street photography. Basically photo, although I also like to take videos eventually (I mostly take them with a GoPro now). Aesthetically, I like the small X-E3. So, the question is: is still the X-E3 worthy, or would the new X-T30 be a better option? In case of going for an X-E3: I´ve just seen a great deal (800€ for a new one with 23mm f2). Is it the price expected to go lower in March, once the X-T30 is on the market? Did that happen before on other launches, or the prices aren´t that much affected as they are for two different segments (although they are quite similar cameras)? What are your thoughts? Can you help me deciding? Thank you!!
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