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  1. I'll update here once I've got the camera in a few weeks. I've got photos going back to 2004 in Lightroom catalogs, so I'm unlikely to switch software unless the post-processing tools are significantly better, or I really can't get the RAF files into Lightroom in a way I like. Having said that, X-Raw Studio looks like a very interesting concept.
  2. I pre-ordered my first Fuji camera (X-T30!) last week, and so I wanted to investigate the X-Trans/Lightroom issues for myself to work out what my workflow would look like, given I don't particularly want to switch away from Lightroom. I posted what I found in this article here. In summary I found that X-Transformer and Enhance Details produced very similar results, both of which were better than the default Lightroom rendering. I'd be interested to know what others have found in real-world use. I feel like using X-Transformer would ultimately be more convenient than Enhance Details as it is faster and I can just batch convert the RAF files to DNG straight off the camera, and from there my workflow doesn't change: I can import the DNG files into Lightroom and continue as normal, and probably delete the RAFs. Do others do this? I notice that Thomas Fitzgerald thought Enhance Details was an decent improvement over X-Transformer, and his picture of the wall is quite convincing, but I didn't manage to replicate that kind of difference in the pictures I chose. Has anyone got any sample RAF files where Enhance Details is significantly better so I could try for myself?
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