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  1. In Playback mode is easy switch the slot of the SD card, just press and hold the "play▶️" button.
    But in recording mode, you have to go inside menu and look for the right setting (boring😖).

    Why not keep the same short-cut? Even in rec mode press and hold the "play▶️" button in order to switch SD card slot?
    Thank you

  2. On 2/23/2019 at 7:32 PM, sachafilms said:

    You could also use the T mode on the shutter speed dial and adjust on the fly using your command dial.

    Yes sachafilms, indeed, it's faster. I never thought to use the T mode in this way. I just test it and the good thing is that it remember the last speed used.
    I think it solve in great part my problem.
    Thank you

  3. Yes, indeed, is not clear enough. I try to explain it better: 👍

    Currently, when I am in Movie mode if I set the video quality on FHD at 24P and I want film at the speed ss24, I must turn the Shutter speed dial to 30, then with the rear command dial adjust the speed until ss24. It's a lot of gestures for a so simple thing.
    What I would like is that in video mode (only), when I set the Shutter speed dial to 30, it go automatic on 24 and not 30. Then in video mode, the 30 is setted on 24 or whatever I want, e.g: 25, or 30. Idem for the 60 position, I would like to have the possibility to set it on 50, or 48 by default.
    For this, is necessary to add in the menu on the Movie setting a new string where I can set what is my favourite speed for the 30 or the 60 position on the Shutter speed dial.

    Another solution: It could be much simpler if the movie settings and a shutter degree angle setting are synchronized automatically. So that depending on which frame rate I’m shooting and it will automatically set the shutter speed to the 180° setting or anything else that I said it to. I believe the Panasonic GH series does it this way.

    Is it better now? 😀

  4. *** Firmware request ***
    Is the X-H1 really "Video oriented"? Not enough.
    I would like to see in the MOVIE SETTING, an option where I can select the default shutter speed for the 30 and 60 on the shutter speed dial, only when I am in MOVIE MODE, obviously.
    On the 60 position I could select by default: none(stay in 60) - 50 - 48, and on 30 position I could select the default shutter speed: none(stay in 30), 25 or 24.
    Which are the most used shutter speed on cinema. Then, when I put the shutter speed on 30 or 60, I get faster the speed that I really need.

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