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  1. Give me the possibility to change the colour of the Framing Guidelines. Filming in dark situations like caves, black lines are totally useless. It could be useful select between black and white, or grey. Thank you
  2. So simply, but useful: I think it will be a good compromise to we have the 3k format at 50 or 60 fps. Fujifilm, please....
  3. In Playback mode is easy switch the slot of the SD card, just press and hold the "play▶️" button. But in recording mode, you have to go inside menu and look for the right setting (boring😖). Why not keep the same short-cut? Even in rec mode press and hold the "play▶️" button in order to switch SD card slot? Thank you
  4. I completely agree, the C1, C2... in the Q (Quick menu) button is useless. They can't save no presets, just some preferences, but not a full setting.
  5. Hi I have just make with success the hack for the audio out monitoring with a micro-HDMI to VGA adaptor. Very lightweight. It works perfectly just plugging the headphone. https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B01B1O2B6O/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Yes sachafilms, indeed, it's faster. I never thought to use the T mode in this way. I just test it and the good thing is that it remember the last speed used. I think it solve in great part my problem. Thank you
  7. Are you sure? What you read on the top of LCD is only the video frame rate, not the shutter speed. It's completely different. The shutter speed is shown below, if you put 180 on the dial, the shutter speed is at 1/180th even the frame rate is at 24 or 25 or 50.
  8. Yes, indeed, is not clear enough. I try to explain it better: 👍 Currently, when I am in Movie mode if I set the video quality on FHD at 24P and I want film at the speed ss24, I must turn the Shutter speed dial to 30, then with the rear command dial adjust the speed until ss24. It's a lot of gestures for a so simple thing. What I would like is that in video mode (only), when I set the Shutter speed dial to 30, it go automatic on 24 and not 30. Then in video mode, the 30 is setted on 24 or whatever I want, e.g: 25, or 30. Idem for the 60 position, I would like to have the possibility to set it on 50, or 48 by default. For this, is necessary to add in the menu on the Movie setting a new string where I can set what is my favourite speed for the 30 or the 60 position on the Shutter speed dial. Another solution: It could be much simpler if the movie settings and a shutter degree angle setting are synchronized automatically. So that depending on which frame rate I’m shooting and it will automatically set the shutter speed to the 180° setting or anything else that I said it to. I believe the Panasonic GH series does it this way. Is it better now? 😀
  9. *** Firmware request *** Is the X-H1 really "Video oriented"? Not enough. I would like to see in the MOVIE SETTING, an option where I can select the default shutter speed for the 30 and 60 on the shutter speed dial, only when I am in MOVIE MODE, obviously. On the 60 position I could select by default: none(stay in 60) - 50 - 48, and on 30 position I could select the default shutter speed: none(stay in 30), 25 or 24. Which are the most used shutter speed on cinema. Then, when I put the shutter speed on 30 or 60, I get faster the speed that I really need.
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