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  1. For me it is: Zeiss 85mm f1.4 Planar xf.2 - Used for portraits and some near wildlife while hiking in the woods. Zeiss 35mm f2 Distagon xf.2 - Used as my general use lens. I know its not wide enough to give you the impact of an actual wide, but I find that I rarely need to shoot wider. I don't often find myself needing to shoot very wide, nor very tele. Also I love these formulas, the output is greater than anything I was able to get with Fuji glass. "Micro-contrast" is real, though the term causes some controversy apparently. I have fully converted my "modern" glass away
  2. Adapted lenses are all I use for my "personal" work. Love them. These are the ones I use most often on my x-t3, though I have too many to mention here. Nikon 105mm 1.8 Contax/Zeiss 28mm 2.8 AutoSears 55mm 1.4 Konica AR 35mm f2 "Bokina" 90mm macro Yashica ML 55mm 1.2 Nikon 300mm f4 AF "d" version
  3. Have you anything to compare it to in that focal length? I was certainly using the correct adapter and compared it to 3 other lenses in the same focal length approx. Of the 4 lenses this was by far the worst performer, particularly for objects at a distance. Are you using the same version? My understanding was that the other versions had some corrections to the rear element stack to increase performance.
  4. Just a heads up if anyone searches this lens in the future. I was not impressed and have moved it along to another owner. Was not able to get images that I was satisfied with, particularly with objects in the distance. It was not a focus issue, rather the lens just did not render well enough on my x-t3. Images were just a bit fuzzy for me, up close was not too bad. I read somewhere that it could be due in part to the angle of the rear element and closeness to the sensor. Rear element really does protrude quite a bit.
  5. Anyone here with exp. adapting this lens to one of the X cameras? I jumped on one before I did enough reading and it seems like it may be a bad candidate for adapting..... Just curious while I wait for delivery if there are any people on here that have tried this? Thanks, Chris
  6. This is very odd. Mine does not suffer lag unless I am not in "boost" mode.... Sounds like you had a defective camera?
  7. Are you using it in the preset "power saving" mode? If so you need to turn this off in the menu.
  8. I replaced mine with the Fujifilm Long Eye Cup.
  9. Yes, the rubber is very easily replaced. I do not have the x-t30 but I tore one on my x-t3. Fuji provided a replacement and I went ahead and purchased a different style from B&H also.
  10. Anyone have any input on this lens adapted to X? I may have pulled the trigger too soon, but I grabbed one. Not cheap, hoping there are some special characteristics that will make it worth while.
  11. I also have spots. Mine look almost like a pixel lit up white. I don't find it in every phot, and haven't invested the time to find a pattern. It really looks like a stuck pixel when I see them.
  12. Doesn't anyone have any reliable info on when this might be back in stock? I have been waiting for months and I keep being told a couple more weeks. Im on the verge of just buying third party, but I don't know that they are identical and really appreciate Fuji quality. Any thoughts? Chris
  13. Mine also whines with the stabilization off. I believe it is related to the auto focus system.
  14. Does anyone else get anxious carrying around the 80 unpowered? I do a lot of hiking and I constant hear the focus bumping around. Makes me nervous that at some point all the bumping will cause issues. Also I am surprised how noisy it is even with the stabilization off. I am assuming this is all copies of the lens and not just mine? Chris
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