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  1. Anyone here with exp. adapting this lens to one of the X cameras? I jumped on one before I did enough reading and it seems like it may be a bad candidate for adapting..... Just curious while I wait for delivery if there are any people on here that have tried this? Thanks, Chris
  2. This is very odd. Mine does not suffer lag unless I am not in "boost" mode.... Sounds like you had a defective camera?
  3. Are you using it in the preset "power saving" mode? If so you need to turn this off in the menu.
  4. I replaced mine with the Fujifilm Long Eye Cup.
  5. Yes, the rubber is very easily replaced. I do not have the x-t30 but I tore one on my x-t3. Fuji provided a replacement and I went ahead and purchased a different style from B&H also.
  6. Anyone have any input on this lens adapted to X? I may have pulled the trigger too soon, but I grabbed one. Not cheap, hoping there are some special characteristics that will make it worth while.
  7. I also have spots. Mine look almost like a pixel lit up white. I don't find it in every phot, and haven't invested the time to find a pattern. It really looks like a stuck pixel when I see them.
  8. Doesn't anyone have any reliable info on when this might be back in stock? I have been waiting for months and I keep being told a couple more weeks. Im on the verge of just buying third party, but I don't know that they are identical and really appreciate Fuji quality. Any thoughts? Chris
  9. Mine also whines with the stabilization off. I believe it is related to the auto focus system.
  10. Does anyone else get anxious carrying around the 80 unpowered? I do a lot of hiking and I constant hear the focus bumping around. Makes me nervous that at some point all the bumping will cause issues. Also I am surprised how noisy it is even with the stabilization off. I am assuming this is all copies of the lens and not just mine? Chris
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