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  1. Thanks for the response. I have been considering the X-H1, but the cost may be a bit too much. If I end up with the X-T2, the grip is a good suggestion. Several look interesting. Fuji has one and the grip made by media case also looks nice. But that X-H1 certainly appears to have a great grip!
  2. I presently own an X-T100 which I really like. I come from a long line of various bayer type sensor cameras, and am more comfortable with them as opposed to x-trans. The sensor is better than expected and I'm very pleased with the results. The drawback is that there is no room for my thumb on the back of the camera and I keep accidentally changing different settings on the d-pad. (I have rather large hands). I really don't want to get the thumb extension, so I'm considering changing cameras. I know this means getting a camera with X-trans, but I'm willing to check it out. I am considering the X-T2 and the X-E3 because it appears there is an adequate area to place ones thumb on the rear. The X-H1 is a bit more than I wish to spend. Being that I shoot raw only and that 95% of my shooting is with manual lenses, is there one of these cameras that would be better than the other? And are you satisfied with the grip (on the back) of these cameras? Any other info is appreciated as well.
  3. I'm a DSLR user, but plan on buying a mirrorless camera soon, possibly a Fuji. While reading about their cameras, I noticed that some of them, along with an EVF, also have an OVF. My first thought was, WHAT??!!! I really have little knowledge of mirrorless cameras, but I always thought OVF was a view looking through the lens, like the DSLRs. How is this possible with a mirrorless camera? It's possible the answer to my question is right under my nose and I'm missing the obvious, but I'm just not understanding this. Any explanation would be appreciated.
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