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  1. Hi GRW I have just bought an XT2 (used in mint condition FW vers 4.03) and also have connectivity issues. Direct connection to a PC via USB and WIFI does not work. I have loaded the latest version of the 'Acquire app' from the fujifilm website but the computer (Win7) does not detect the presence of the camera. I have repeated this on a laptop (Win10). This should have eliminated OS/sockets cables and plug-n-play as issues. This is most frustrating given that I have a £60 Canon Ixus which has never failed to achieve this feat. In the case of WIFI, the camera detects the router using WPS button (manual connection with PIN does not work). However the camera cannot detect the computer. Once again I have installed the current version of PC Autosave from Fujifilms website. My workaround, (which I suspect an awful lot of folks have resorted to ) is a card reader. Very disappointing.
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