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    Fantastic this profile in black and white
  2. The Canoviano temple is a neoclassical church located in Possagno, designed at the beginning of the 19th century by the famous architect Antonio Canova. In a position above and above the town, stands at the foot of the Draga at 342 meters above sea level.
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    Art of the sea Veneto - Italy

    There is an art with a taste of salt, caresses the woods carried by the sea, model sand dunes and then break on the sand. It is an anomalous art that follows unexplored and never repeated paths.
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    Industrial area at night

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    There is anybody who miss a 350 mm?

    I am using on the X series and GF the CF 350 5.6 Zeiss for Hasselblad with excellent results
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    Tilt shift for GFX

    I would be tempted by the nikkor 19 PC-E, but the problem is that the diaphragm is not transmitted ... I should find a fitting that transmits it to the camera.
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    Photographer for more than 50 years, and since the birth of X-Pro1 I left the Leica world for Fuji ... happily satisfied