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  1. Are there any updates on when the new 23mm f1.4 will be available in Europe? Still only pre-order, I'm wondering if there is a timeframe for actual stock. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, mine is really struggling even in the centre, unless I stop down. It's nothing like the 16mm or 56mm. So I'm gonna send it back. It's a lot of money for something I have doubts about!
  3. Am I the only one who struggles to get the promised sharpness with the 35mm 1.4? I'd expected it to be sharp like the 56mm I rented (even at 1.2) but I find I have to stop down to 2.8 to get the get nice and sharp in the centre. Seems a bit sort of fringey at 1.4-2 as well. So much so, that I'm thinking of returning. I'd rather put the £500 towards a 56 and a 16. Jim
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