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  1. avigar

    Firmware: FUJIFILM X-T3 Ver. 2.00 in December 2018

    Version 2.10 firmware is now available for download from the fujifilm site
  2. avigar

    Memory Card Issue - X-T3

    Please let us know on what needed to repaired on your camera. Thanks!
  3. avigar

    Memory Full issue

    What are the sizes and age of the SD cards? Have you tried updating the X-T3 to the latest firmware to see if that fixes your problem? I believe the latest firmware is v.210 (FWUP0019.dat) for the X-T3. Copy the firmware, downloaded from the Fujifilm support site, into the old PNY card that works to update the camera. Let us know if that worked for you. Good luck.
  4. avigar

    Charging an X-T3 w/USB-C

    I believe the USB-C port only charges the battery in the camera, but not the ones in the vertical grip.
  5. avigar

    Memory Card Issue - X-T3

    Slot 1, 2, or both? Did anything happen to the camera the last time a card was inserted into the slots? Did you have problems initially ejecting the card from either slot?