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  1. I definitely prefer the "rangefinder" style of the X-E and X-Pro cameras over the SLR-inspired design of the X-T series. The main reason that I bought the X-T2 over the X-T20 was the weather sealing. Had an X-Pro2 been available at the same price point, I would have certainly bought it instead. Weather permitting, I will grab the X-E3 in a moment over the X-T2. I can easily see a time when an X-Pro will replace the both of them! Good luck with whatever decision you make!!!
  2. If you are happy with the specs, I would say go ahead! I have an X-E3 - along with an X-T2 - and find it to be quite a nice camera with impressive performance! It gives up very little to the X-Pro2 and the X-T2, with which it shares its sensor and processor. It's main deficiency is its lack of weather sealing - a concern here in Oregon, and why I have the X-T2 as well. The touchscreen is not a favorite feature, but it is easy enough to live with. Just as the X-T3 is not that major of an upgrade over the X-T2 (unless you shoot video), I can't imagine that the next generation of the X-E series would bring much new to the platform. I really can't imagine one buying the X-E or X-Pro camera for serious video work, anyway!
  3. I have had the problem with my 2012 MacBook Pro using the built-in card slot for cards from my X-T2, X-E2S, and X-E3. Using an external plug-in USB card reader solves the problem. For what it's worth, it read the cards from my Leica and Pentax cameras just fine.
  4. Also, you mention autofocus and adapters to other lenses. While there are some VERY expensive adapters that claim to work with Fuji cameras, prepare for disappointment. If you depend on autofocus and/or auto aperture, stick with Fuji or Zeiss Touit lenses - they will "talk" to your camera. If you shoot full manual, adapt away!!!
  5. I have to agree with a couple of the other people - the XF18-55 is a very versatile lens, and can be found for a decent price. I went for it, and I'm happy!!!
  6. Resolution really only has to do with the number of megapixels accessed by the camera's operating system. The size of the sensor plays a key role in the quantity and quality of the light captured. A full-frame sensor with 24 megapixels will have a noticeably enhanced image compared to that of an APS-C or m4/3 sensor, as each pixel on the full-frame sensor is capable of capturing more information from the scene due to a larger surface area. Likewise, a 16 megapixel APS-C sensor will have larger pixels than a same-sized sensor with 24 megapixels, allowing for the capture of more light at each pixel location, allowing for a potentially greater dynamic range - at the expense of fine detail (resolution). Various hardware improvements, such as backside illumination (BSI), have helped to offset the loss of pixel surface area regarding low-light performance in some cameras, and the ever increasing onslaught of software solutions have helped to reduce or eliminate the advantages of the lower resolution sensors in low-light settings. I can't say that my X-T2 suffers in comparison with my X-E2S regarding light performance, and the resolution is decidedly better with the 24 megapixels of the X-T2 compared to the 16 of the X-E2S. The sensor processing engine in the case of the X100S vs. the X100F (EXR II vs. X-Processor Pro, respectively) will more than compensate for the pixel size difference, I'm thinking.
  7. I'm Rick from sunny Salem, Oregon. I've been shooting digital for almost 25 years now, with my first being an Apple QuickTake 150, back in the Stone Age! Among the several since was a Finepix S700 - a bit of a favorite for its color, primarily. My regular cameras are a couple of Leicas and pair of Pentax DSLRs, but I was always thinking about picking up another Fuji. The opportunity arose recently to buy an X-E2s, so I went for it! It's been fun to play with and, when the weather gets a bit better, I'm looking to give it a good shakedown!
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