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  1. sachafilms

    Pre-Purchase: Will Fuji ever fix X-H1 focus hunting?

    I should have been clear - I meant that depending on the lens (and the AF speed) the focus hunting will be more or less an annoyance. If the lens is really fast, then the focus hunting is barely noticeable right?
  2. Hello, When recording in DR400, Eterna, would a decrease of shadow and highlight (-2) further "boost" the Dynamic Range recorded, or is it simply raising the brightness of the shadows and decreasing the brightness of the highlights?
  3. sachafilms

    OIS in Zoom lenses

    Hello, Technical question here, could someone with lens design knowledge explain to me why it's easier to add OIS to zoom lenses vs prime lenses? At least that's why we tend to see on the XF and GFX lenses. Thanks!
  4. sachafilms

    Help! XH1 ISO defaults to 800 in F-Log

    ISO 800 is expected for F-Log, same on the X-T3. It's a reason why F-Log is not so great if you don't need the extra Dynamic Range. You get more noise, but also you can lose some midrange information. Use F-log only if you won't be using the Eterna LUT and will do your own grade + You really need the maximum dynamic range because you can't control your lighting + You don't mind being at ISO 800 as you would need it anyway (semi-dark environment) If you use Eterna in the end there is little point to using F-log, you're just adding an extra step to the process and shooting at ISO800 when you could be shooting at ISO200.
  5. sachafilms

    Pre-Purchase: Will Fuji ever fix X-H1 focus hunting?

    Focus hunting, or its lack of, depends on the lens you are using. If you want fast focusing lenses then choose the newer f2.0 primes, the 80mm as well. For zooms, the recent ones are usually all fast, 10-24mm, 18-55, 16-55 even more. Also, focus hunting can happen if you shoot in dark environments. This is normal. The X-H1 is very capable when it comes to AF speed, so coupled with a good lens you should experience among the best of what's currently possible with cameras.