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  1. I thought the battle was done and the fact that only full frame cameras are professional was a thing of the past. Unfortunately is not like this. I have noticed that in some ads about photographers seeking for real estate photography, the camera required was full frame. I am speechless for the incomptence. Doies a 12mp full frame camera give better architectural result the a fuji xt2/3? does a full frame camera of 24mp (maybe with an anti aliasing filter on) give better result then a fuji? I think that, as fuji users, we need to make ourselves loud. It not fair that we cannot apply for jobs when we definitely have gear up to that, Cheers Stefano
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    Fuji users cannot apply for real estate photography jobs

    Yes, big corporation set standards. And that's it. they are valid not because of meaning. I suspect that this full frame requirement could also set as unaccectable medium format cameras ...