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  1. It's OFF. Changing it to ON does not change anything. I see. Indeed, with Shutter AF OFF the Focus Priority does not work. With Shutter AF ON (the default) the Focus Priority works correctly (picture is not taken with no focus). It's not documented but I suppose it's the intended behavior? That's a bummer, I thought I could use it for "focus trap". Added: do you think it would be a problem if Focus Priority simply didn't take pictures if there's not focus, does not matter what are the other settings?
  2. Camera is set to Focus Priority but picture is taken when there's no focus. X-T2 + 18-55, AF-S, focus removed from shutter button. According to https://fujifilm-x.com/af/en/af_guide/point02.html it should " wait until a focus is achieved to take a picture. " Anyone else with such problem?
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