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  1. Thank you, Milandro! I have a K&F adaptor for my old Canon FD lenses and I am very impressed with it. I'll have a look at their M42 adaptors.
  2. Hi folks, many thanks for responding to my query. The adaptor I have does not have a flange ring inside the mount, so the locking pin is not being depressed. I will have a look at the Fotasy adaptors and pick one up on Amazon. I really appreciate your input. Kind regards, Mark
  3. Hi all. I recently bought a Helios 44M-4 58mm lens to use on my X-Pro1. I have an M42-FX adaptor that I've used successfully with a Vivitar 135mm f/2, being able to manually focus and change the aperture manually. However, when I connect the Helios lens to the adaptor, I am unable to change the aperture when I twist the aperture ring. When i press in one of the pins on the rear of the lens, I can change the aperture but the pin is not depressed when attached to the adaptor. Can anybody suggest a fix?
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