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  1. I stick with the OEM equipment. Always seems the very best aftermarket batteries are merely 1/2 as efficient as the manufacturers own.
  2. Thanks, George, and Merlin again for the feedback. So I've gone ahead and installed the Ver.4.30 firmware without a hitch. Seems most of the update has improved VIDEO capability, which I have no interest in at all. If anyone can provide details and real-world uses on what Fuji enhanced within photography since the 3.0 version that would be wonderful. I'm up to speed on the focus stacking capabilities, custom settings to change exposure display size in the EVG & monitor, and improvements within the AF tracking/speed/accuracy. I'm still just a week into this X-T2 and recovering from pneumonia so my break-in has been limited to in-house and being driven to/from the doctors. Will be venturing into Manhattan this weekend to meet up with other "X" shooters to photograph in the lower east side, Chinatown, Bowery etc so will be my first genuine test with my new gear.
  3. Hey all, new to Fujifilm camera gear and extremely excited to continuously explore new genres of photography. I've been curious about a professional grade mirrorless system to add to my collection. So I need to mention my cousin who recently inspired me to explore the Fuji "X" series of camera bodies. We are both professionals, he's done product/studio and glamour for work, and for personal fun (since the 80's) he's been doing candid/street photography. He loves the Fuji X mirrorless rangefinder and chose it OVER Leica after renting several Leica systems. As for myself, I have been tightly focused on my fine art nature landscape work for 2 decades, selling luxury sized frameless HD pieces as Limited Edition/Open edition. I work with several calendar publishers and keep busy with stock request. For this genre, I use Nikon's D800 series and F/2.8 lenses for all my nature and landscapes, not looking at all to navigate away from or replace this equipment as they are the right tools for the job. Of note, however, if I'm not headed into the wilderness for the edge of the day shooting, going "anywhere else" with 40# of gear in my LowePro pack + ball head and tripod is cumbersome so I miss out on quite a bit of opportunity unrelated to nature landscapes. Anyhow, after researching I just purchased a new Fuji X-T2 body and 18-55mm lens and can hardly contain my enthusiasm. I'm thrilled with the concept of a small shoulder bag, Op-Tech strap and a few batteries and cards to go out and make images that tell stories. One might think why not stick with a Nikon Z6 or Z7 mirrorless. I'll just say keywords are "after researching" and leave it at that I'm already anticipating my next Fuji lens investment, and I see myself growing my Fuji kit to get more involved again with wildlife and birds of prey photography. I've always loved the crop sensor for just that.
  4. New to Fuji X, recently acquired a new X-T2 body and the build date is 3rd Quarter, 2018. The currently installed firmware as purchased is 3.0. I'm aware of the firmware update "issues and corrections" dating back to this past May. I have NOT heard any feedback from X-T2 users about the 4.30 firmware upgrade or seen any YouTube reviews more recent than June/July related to the 4.20 "Fix". I'm reluctant to jump in and update to 4.30 without hearing feedback first. This link should open up to the 4.30 firmware on the Fujifilm website. http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/xt2/ THX in advance
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