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  1. I have tried XProF on an X-T2 and the X1RC on a Canon compatible flashgun (the Pixel 800C) My experience is that it will trigger the flash but the only remote control I have is to change the zoom on the Pixel. I cannot change the power level or mode. The X-T2 always says it is in TTL mode, I can change it to Manual using the rear dial but it immediately reverts back to TTL. I don't think the Pixel is working in TTL though, only manual and I have to change the power levels on the gun to work it. I haven't even tried HSS as it the whole thing is disappointing. Next step is to try some Godox AD200's once I am certain the XProF is actually working as intended
  2. I have a Godox XProF transmitter but no Godox lights yet. When I connect my XProF to my X-T2 (both on latest software releases) the X-T2 recognises a "flashgun" has been connected but the flash menu refuses to switch into Manual. I can select M using the rear dial but it immediately switches itself back into TTL. Is this correct? Will it only work in TTL mode as I would like to have full manual control of my lights? Do you think I am doing something wrong? BTW this happens when there is no receiver active and also when I have a Godox X1RC receiver switched on, which disappointingly will only change the zoom function on my Pixel 800C (Canon compatible) flashgun, not the power levels or mode. Also the Pixel is not actually working in TTL despite the camera saying so, I have to set the power levels manually in the Pixel. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you .
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