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  1. www.facebook.com/groups/2246610588960912/ Here is a page dedicated to the world fuji Travel and more sign up
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    best wishes for your next purchase if you want you can follow me here https://www.instagram.com/marcorussophotography/?hl=it
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    follow me on istagram : @marcorussophotography
  4. follow me on istagram @marcorussophotography
  5. follow me istagram @marcorussophotography
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  7. Thanks was what I wanted to convey with this picture
  8. il 10-24 che bello! nell'ultima cè anche la Regina dell'impero vedo
  9. I ask for such lights do you use a particular filter? or post production?
  10. I have recently a xt3 but I'm not satisfied for now I find that the battery is worn out right away and the manual and automatic focus is not exceptional but I'm not very happy
  11. split image in manual focus I feel a little defined or am I wrong?
  12. in manual focus mode I do not understand what this square is in the display? how to delete it?
  13. first shot with xt3 I'm sorry for the low resolution, very satisfied😍
  14. I had little time to get things first I like them : Selector for view in the viewfinder (without using glasses) Firmwere from app Battery charger without cable ( nice in travel) in the weekend, photo tests
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