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  1. I've just bought an XF 100-400mm for my X-T20 and now have the problem of finding a new bag for it. I will next be using the camera on a holiday touring Thailand and I expect I will be wearing a rucksack already and so a rucksack-style bag will not be suitable. Hence I am looking for a shoulder bag that I can wear across my body/on my hip. I am looking for a bag which will house the XF100-400mm attached to the X-T20 as well as an XC50-230mm and a XC16-50mm lens. Ideally one that is taller than it is wide as I figure this won't bang around as much as a wider, squatter one. I like the looks of the Thinktank Retrospective 20, but I think this is just too big (deep); (the Retrospective 10 is not tall enough for the XF100-400mm fitted to the camera). Any recommendations would be most welcome. Thanks, Gary
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