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  1. First of all, hello everybody! This is my first time here, and it looks to be a friendly place to be 😃 I've stepped into the Fuji system for the first time recently after shooting with a Canon 600D for years before that. My X-T2 (which I found a great deal on used) has been serving me incredibly so far, along with my 35 1.4 I've been shooting solely with. That standard focal length works for most purposes, but I've been missing a zoom for travel and event coverage, which I do for a local non-profit. My main lens in my Canon kit was a 24-105 f4 L, and I was satisfied with the image quality it gave me, but it was definitely on the heavy side and I didn't go out with it unless the occasion specifically called for it. I've been considering the 18-55 f2.8-4 on the Fuji side (which I could actually buy with no loss if I were to sell my 24-105, replacing its function); the faster f2.8 would help me in wider shots at dimly lit events, and I never used the massive range of the 105 anyways. From all accounts, it's a fast focusing lens and something I could use for journalistic purposes (as the 35 1.4 isn't the quickest). The one thing that's stopped me from switching over (I still use the Canon setup for times I need the versatility) is that I'm unsure of the IQ of the 18-55. This is probably part psychological as well, but the Canon was a very reliable lens for me in both image quality and function, and I'm not certain I can expect the same from a (albeit one of the best) kit lens. On the other hand, the 600D sensor is years older than the Fuji, so it might be a net upgrade in total. What has been you guys' experience with the 18-55? Is it a good standard zoom, or would I be better off getting a wider prime for versatility?
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