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  1. Thanks for the information. Very useful comments. Decision made!!! I have decided to stay with my Nikon D700 for the following reasons; The D700 is a real workhorse. Always wanted one and I have had this since about 10,000 shutter count (now nearly 30,000). Always been looked after and I ‘understand’ it. Yes it’s heavy but there is a reason for that - it’s solid and tough! I use a Voigtländer 20mm on the D700 which is a very small lens. This actually makes the setup quite comfortable to handle - not front heavy and unbalanced. Replacing with the Fuji I will end up with a bigger lens for a wide angle setup. Glass. Replacing glass is expensive. I have 3 lenses for the D700. Two of them good ones. I’d have to start again and unfortunately no money tree in the garden. I have numerous batteries, memory cards and filters for my current camera and lenses. Replacing those also comes at a cost. Hiring one as mentioned above is probably a better plan as mentioned above to see how the camera and in particular the electronic viewfinder works for me. A different option may also to have a fixed lens camera for street photography such as the X100F. I (well it was my wife’s) had a small Ricoh years ago and used it all the time. Lets face it, we all just love cameras!
  2. Thanks for those replies. Very interesting to hear your detail Blacksheep. Like you bergat I hear others saying that the detail (and colour) in the Fuji is superior. I am more and more liking the sound of the Fuji system. I took my Nikon gear into Wex Photographic today for a trade in price. Reasonably favourable I thought and also the bonus of extra money off a Fuji XT3 and lens should I buy from them - no reason not to. The cost of an XT3 is not much more than the XT2 so makes sense to go for that given the faster processing and other improvements. If I decide to make the switch the next decision would be lenses. So I need to do a lot of reading up on Fuji lenses (maybe the Samyang too)...and other dilemma such as do I go for a zoom. We may visit the west coast of the USA next year Blackbird for a final family holiday so Yosemite or Zion will demand the right lens (not sure I can stretch to 'lenses' at this stage).
  3. Hi there. New to the Fuji Forum. I have a dilemma and wondered if there are people on here that have used both Nikon and Fuji. I use a Nikon D700 and shoot mainly landscape with a Voigtlander 20mm. Contemplating changing to a Fuji XT3 for reasons of size, weight and I do like the Fuji controls on the top of the camera (film-like days!). Quite a bit of kit to trade in but would want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. Will the Fuji match the Nikon for image quality (CMOS sensor and 12megapixels v APXC sensor and 26megapixels). I am not a pro but serious amateur. Image quality counts. Also which is the best Fuji wide angle lens - don't mind a manual prime or would consider a zoom if wide enough.
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